Trepanman Trepanman

  • *Compared to other Unicharm products

Product information


Trepanman L size

L size

Blue / Pink

Applicable weight 9-14 kg
Quantity per package 20 pieces / 34 pieces

Trepanman XL size

XL size

Blue / Pink

Applicable weight 12-22 kg
Quantity per package 17 pieces / 30 pieces

Design that makes them fun to put on

The design is different from ordinary diapers and gives them a special feeling!

Your child will want to put them on.

Colorful design

Let's work hard on potty training!

Blue pants for boys

Pink pants for girls

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  • Eight types of designs in total.
  • *The design may differ from the actual product.

Alert signs that let parents and children know

The blue design features Tomica and Plarail, while the pink version features Licca-chan adding a cute look.

Uses cute designs as alert signs that let you know at a glance when your child has urinated a little, so you can tell them to go use the bathroom during potty training.

Feels 10 times* wetter without leaking

Urine sensation sheet lets children realize more quickly when they urinated

Feels 10 times* wetter than disposable diapers, which makes it easier for your child to notice urine.

  • *Compared to other Unicharm products

Feels 10 times wetter than disposable diapers

Added motivation with the wrap-up tape!

20 cute designs that children will love.

Easy to clean up!

The find-the-same-picture game makes potty training fun!

Look for the same picture on the pants!

Uses play to help keep your child's interest and foster independence.

The happy drawing space makes potty training fun!

Your child can draw pictures or write their name to create their favorite unique pants!

Basic functions are also excellent

You don't have to worry about leaks! Absorbs an amount of urine equivalent to two times of urination

Has excellent absorption even if your child makes a mistake!

Has wrap-up tape for easy cleanup!

Roll up the diaper with the dirty part on the inside, and use the tape on the back side to seal it closed.

How to use Trepanman for potty training

Trepanman is very useful for potty training!

You can use Trepanman to help you ask your child to go use the bathroom, and to help them realize when they have urinated a little.

You can say, "Let's find the same picture!"

It becomes an opportunity to get your child interested in the pants and in potty training. Changing what you say may make diaper changes go more smoothly.

Moony-chan asks your child to go use the bathroom!

When you scan the wrap-up tape included with Trepanman with the potty training app, Moony will appear and encourage your child to use the toilet.

When you see the alert sign, it's your chance to tell them!

Show your child the alert sign, say "You peed," and tell them that they urinated.

Please tell how "the wet feeling is".

If they urinated, say "It's wet, isn't it. This is pee." Smile and say, "Next time, tell me if you pee."

Encourage your child to draw or write their name on Trepanman

If the pants are unique and special, it will lead to your child feeling that they don't want to get the pants dirty, and that they want to go use the bathroom instead.

Praise them a lot, saying "Good job!" and "Amazing!"

Product reviews

Potty training is easy with Trepanman! Read their experiences.

Reviews from moms who actually used Trepanman

From Erika

I used Trepanman when my oldest child was potty training. She liked Thomas and trains, but that was around the time that she started liking girly pinks, princesses, and flowers, so the packages were cute and put her in high spirits, which was helpful.

From Chiiyan

When Moony-chan asked her to go use the toilet, she started going! Normally when I would ask her to go, she said she hated it, so I was really impressed.

From Yuzumaru

I was doing potty training during the day when I was the only one there to watch him, and the app ended up being a strong ally. Moony-chan was cute and close by and would let me know, so it created opportunities for me to lead him to the bathroom. It made it easy to say "Moony-chan says you should go to the bathroom soon! Let's go together!" It made things go more smoothly and I was grateful that it made it easier and more fun to ask him to go use the bathroom. I think it was thanks to Moony-chan that I was able to get through it without the bathroom becoming a place that he hated.

From Ringo-chan

If he peed, he told me quickly, so it seemed like he understood when it felt wet. I touched it to check, and I think it did feel really wet.


Trepanman L size

L size

Blue / Pink

Applicable weight 9-14 kg
Quantity per package 20 pieces / 34 pieces

Trepanman XL size

XL size

Blue / Pink

Applicable weight 12-22 kg
Quantity per package 17 pieces / 30 pieces